How to Get from Maryland to Long Island

Maryland is Mid Atlantic state of the US which is famous for the water and coast lines. The state is named after the English queen Henrietta Maria of France and the US national anthem was also written in this state also has the National Aquarium in its boundaries. The largest city of Maryland is Baltimore. Maryland is at a distance of 1097 miles from Long Island. Long Island is a very expensive and highly populated island located in the East Coast of the US. It has four total counties and is quite famous because of New York which is the center of US and is one of the most expensive city of the United States. It is known for its tourism. There are many ways through which people can go from Maryland do Long Island and they are as follows:

By Train:

It takes approximately four hours if a person takes a train from Baltimore Penn Station Amtrak to the Penn Station close to New York. It costs around $90-$145 to travel the distance from Maryland to Long Island. It is one of the safest and convenient route for travelling the distance and best for those that cannot afford to go by airplane. Trains are economical and safe for people travelling the long distance for the first time.

By Bus:

If a person travels by bus, it takes about six hours and 20 minutes to reaches Long Island from Maryland. The bus departs from Fayette St Plaza, then makes a second stop at Baltimore, MD and then goes straight towards the Penn Station. The bus comes to the bus station every thirty minutes and is always available. This is economically the best option for middle class people and has good security too. It costs around $34-$39 dollars for one ticket.

By Airplane:

The flight from Maryland to Long Island takes about two and a half hours and costs around $152-$430 depending upon the type of luxury a person requires. This option is suitable for those people that can afford high priced tickets and have the luxury of spending a lot of money since it is the fastest way to travel. This option is completely safe and full of luxuries. The flight takes off from Baltimore and lands in Long Island. This option can also be taken in times of emergency.